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Fawnia Soo Hoo


Fawnia Soo Hoo is a Freelance Contributor at The Hollywood Reporter, where she covers costume design for film and television, the business of red carpet style and celebrity fashion and beauty. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Soo Hoo has also contributed to Vanity Fair, Elle, Refinery29, Nylon, Vogue Business and Fashionista.

Zoe Saldaña’s Sustainable Fashion Advances With the 2023 Oscars

For Zoe Saldaña, the 2023 Oscars presented an opportunity to join the sustainability discussion and incorporate practices into her life — starting with the pinnacle red carpet. As an ambassador for Suzy Amis Cameron’s RCGD Global, the Academy’s official sustainability partner, and an awards presenter, the Avatar: The Way of Water star accessorized a Fall […]

That’s So Fetch: How Oscars Red Carpet Style From the 1990s and 2000s Influences Today’s Trends

In the 1990s and early 2000s, the Academy Awards red carpet underwent a sea change. During the nascent era of the celebrity stylist, fearless stars not only began donning high-end designer labels (like awards show pioneer Armani) but also flouted traditional Oscar dress-code decorum in new ways, sometimes inviting the wrath of prevailing critics. Among […]

‘Babylon’ Costume Designer Dressed Diego Calva’s Character for the Job He Wants (and Eventually Loses)

Gofer and quick-witted fixer Manny Torres (Diego Calva) effortlessly determines how to haul an overstuffed elephant up a steep hill to a Bel Air party, sneak a dead body out of said packed bacchanal and satisfy his producer boss’ black-tie dress code with minimal financial means. “It’s actually not even a tuxedo. It’s cobbled together,” […]

‘Babylon,’ ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ and ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Costume Designers on Defining Their Characters’ Looks

Babylon The glamorous costume arc of silent film ingenue turned talkie-era flameout Nellie LaRoy (Margot Robbie) offers a cautionary tale, like Damien Chazelle’s movie itself. She audaciously crashes a Hollywood producer’s debauched party — sartorially manifesting her big break. “She’s already a star in her own mind,” says costume designer Mary Zophres, imagining that Nellie […]

How ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Costume Designer Shirley Kurata Stylishly Traversed the Multiverse

In the final showdown in A24’s Everything Everywhere All at Once, Jobu Tupaki’s (Stephanie Hsu) chaotic ensemble — like the omnipotent and omniscient antagonist herself — contains multitudes, starting with her alter-ego Joy’s overwhelming emotions. Costume designer and stylist Shirley Kurata assembled remnants of Jobu’s outrageous multiverse-jumping personas, each of which terrorizes her distracted mother, […]

‘The Fabelmans,’ ‘Till’ and ‘The Wonder’ Costume Designers on Stories Told by Colors and Collars

The Wonder (Netflix) In 1862, Crimean War nursing veteran Lib Wright (Florence Pugh) sets off from London to the foggy Irish Midlands for a mystifying endeavor. Thirteen years since the Great Famine, devout villagers are eager to believe in a miracle: Young Anna (Kíla Lord Cassidy) hasn’t eaten in four months, and Lib must determine […]

‘RRR’ Costume Designer Stayed True to 1920s Fashion for the Film’s Epic Dance-Off

The dance-off is a riveting, time-honored combat scenario — and no more so than in the exhilarating “Naatu Naatu” (“spice”) extravaganza in the Indian Telugu-language blockbuster RRR. In director S.S. Rajamouli’s 1920s-set action drama epic, the musical number pits the lead duo, Alluri Sitarama Raju (Ram Charan) and Komaram Bheem (N.T. Rama Rao Jr.) — […]

How Stars Like Billie Eilish, Cate Blanchett, Ayo Edebiri and Emma Stone Are Making Red Carpet Fashion Sustainable

“It’s very difficult as a stylist to be entirely sustainable,” says London-based Karen Clarkson, whose clients include Lashana Lynch, Samantha Morton and Joey Richardson. “You can’t save the world by fashion styling. It’s about trying to incorporate little things we can be doing into our work.” The stylist and creative director recently dressed Richardson in […]

Breaking Down Stephanie Hsu’s Chaotic Fashions Across the Metaverse in ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’

Quickly synthesizing the mythology behind Jobu Tupaki (Stephanie Hsu), the all-powerful, multiverse-jumping architect of the nihilistic Everything Bagel in Everything Everywhere All at Once, could be a tough task. But the antagonist conjuring one audacious outfit after another — during her reign of chaos against her laundromat-owning mother, Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh), — illustrates a pretty […]

‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter on Queen Ramonda’s Powerful Wardrobe

Early on in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Queen Ramonda (Angela Bassett) makes her grand entrance into a United Nations council meeting. Now ruler of the highly advanced African nation after the death of her son T’Challa (the late Chadwick Boseman), she wields fashion as diplomacy in a royal purple and gold halter gown, accented with […]

‘Armageddon Time,’ ‘Bones and All’ Costume Designers on Bringing ‘80s Style Back to the Screen

Formative Friendships in Armageddon Time The 1980 backdrop of James Gray’s semi-autobiographical drama feels familiar: A celebrity turned politician challenges the establishment, racial tensions simmer and socioeconomic disparities loom large. And one comforting time-honored aspect endures: Queens sixth-graders Paul Graff (Banks Repeta) and Johnny Davis (Jaylin Webb) dress alike. “Because they’re best friends,” says costume […]

Luke Evans’ Instagram Is a Travel Destination Dream

As the production of the new Apple TV+ series Echo 3 migrated from the heights of Bogotá, Colombia’s sprawling Andean capital, down to the lush tropical environs of Girardot, Luke Evans was savoring every moment. “It was a three-and-a-half-hour journey through these winding mountain roads — which at some points made you feel like you’re […]