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Demetrius Patterson

Demetrius Patterson is a TV and news freelance writer for The Hollywood Reporter. Patterson’s writing has been published in Variety, JAZZIZ, Harvard University’s African American National Biography, Black Radio Exclusive (BRE) and The Chicago Defender. In the ‘90s, the award-winning journalist also wrote a syndicated jazz column for Gannett News Service. Patterson graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Communication/Journalism. He was also a fellow at Ohio University E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

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[This story contains spoilers from the season finale of Lawmen: Bass Reeves.] In the season finale of Lawmen: Bass Reeves, the audience witnessed a standoff between former Confederate soldier Esau Pierce (played by Barry Pepper) and the hero lawman Bass Reeves (Golden Globe-nominated David Oyelowo). While Esau seemed to see something admirable in Bass from […]

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‘Bosch: Legacy’ Director Unpacks the Gut-Punch Scenes of Season 2 Premiere

[This story contains spoilers from the two-episode premiere of Bosch: Legacy.] Sharat Raju is no stranger to the world of crime, justice and punishment as a director for popular police and lawyer series such as Law & Order, NCIS: New Orleans and Criminal Minds. He’s even directed episodes about law and justice in the world […]

‘Bosch: Legacy’ Boss and Author Michael Connelly on Season 2, Bosch’s Secret Ingredient and Record TV Run

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‘The Afterparty’ Bosses Chris Miller, Phil Lord and Anthony King Dissect Season 2 Finale’s Killer Reveal

[This story contains spoilers from the season two finale of The Afterparty, “Vivian and Zoë.”] In the season two finale of The Afterparty, viewers learn two things about the killer and one about the deceased, Edgar, the groom. Let’s start with the latter. Edgar (Zach Woods) went around the world to find the globetrotting uncle, Ulysses (John […]

‘The Afterparty’ Director on Filming Season 2’s Dance Episode: “We Wanted the Romance to Be Real and Yet Ridiculous”

[This story contains spoilers from Afterparty season two, episode seven, “Ulysses.”] Peter Atencio’s Hollywood chops have mainly been planted in the garden of comedy for his more than 20-year career — Key & Peele, the Jean-Claude Van Johnson series and this year’s satirical mobster film The Machine, to name a few. But when old friends […]

‘The Afterparty’ Director on Season 2 Murder Mystery and Finale Reveal: “It’s Not What You Expect”

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Michael Kelly Reflects on What He Calls One of His Coolest Gigs Ever as ‘Jack Ryan’ Takes Final Bow

[This story contains some spoilers to the series finale of Jack Ryan.] Michael Kelly’s nearly 30-year career in television and film has seen him portray a range of characters, from a cop to political fixer and Italian gangster, as well as a villain and ally of superheroes. But when asked which is his favorite, Kelly […]

Wendell Pierce on His Spy Portrayal and CIA Prep for Final Season of ‘Jack Ryan’

Jack Ryan, the action-filled Prime Video series based on bestselling book author Tom Clancy’s fictional CIA analyst and field agent of the same name, starts its march to the end with the final season’s first two episodes, now streaming. And through a total of four seasons it might be argued that, along with the main […]

The Joy and Tragedy of ‘I’m a Virgo’ and How the Boots Riley Series Is “Built to Go On”

[This story contains mild spoilers from I’m a Virgo.] As an executive producer in search for some of the more out-of-the-box movies and series (Prometheus, The Leftovers and Pachinko, to name a few), Michael Ellenberg’s gut instinct propelled him to pursue the possibility of developing something with exploding writer and filmmaker Boots Riley. Nearly five years […]

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[This story contains spoilers from the finale of I’m a Virgo.] In the opening scene of Boots Riley’s mystical coming-of-age, superhero/supervillain origin story about a 13-foot Black teenager in Oakland, I’m a Virgo shows its giant protagonist Cootie (played by Jharrel Jerome), experiencing trauma when he was born. Still covered with blood after entering the […]